UFO Sighting in New Mexico on August 15th 1958 – Grey and round and flat

Hello Mufon.

I’m living in Norway. In the year 1969 I came over a magazine called
Illustrated Sience, which was released in Norway, and was put out to the
public eatch month.
I wrote an article about the famous UFO crash in Roswell at that time.
The farmer, who was the first person on the crash site, find a piece of
the UFO’s body, and took it to his house.
When he examined this piece, he find out that when he put a light source
at the fragment of the piece, he noticed that small light points came
out on the other site of the fragment. When he examined it futher, he
found out that the lights followed through the fragment, with tiny mirrors
which was standing in a quid position agains eatch others, and let the
light goes through the fragment, from one side to the other. The farmer
could not understand what this was made for, but he made a drawing about
what he discovered. At the time a saw this article, and the comments about
it, no one understand at this point, what this was or could be.
At the end of the 1990s, I was working in a saving bank, here in my home
town Troms��. The boss at the IT department in the bank, told me that they
should installed a new computer system, which include a new system with
something he called fiber cables. I ask him about this new tecnology, and
want to see how it worked. When he showed me the drawings on these fiber
cables, I got some of a shock. It was exactly the same as I saw illustarted in this sience magazine in 1969.
I have seen many TV programs about the Roswell incident, but never have
seen something mentioned about these fiber cables found on this UFO.
This convinced me that the UFO crash at Roswell was very real, and that
the Goverment in USA, holds back informations about this UFO crash.
I think this issue could have some interest for you, and your work around
UFO cases.
Best Wishes From
Rolf E. Johnsen

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