Black Triangle Sighting in Chattanooga, Alabama on November 10th 2007 – Looking at stars. Object materialized,flew behind us. Animals went crazy . Missing items

In 2007 an friend and I were sitting on an old concrete boat ramp by the Tennessee river looking at the stars on the clear autumn night. We had a six pack of beer and were both on our second beer each therefore we were not drunk or even feeling the effects of alcohol.
We had put our bottles in a crack in the concrete. We both looked up at the exact same time to see a triangle shaped craft literally appear out of nowhere about 200 feet from us, over the river and perhaps 75 feet above it. It was appox. the size of a 2 bedroom house. It had white/bluish lights on each end and one yellowish light in the center. Only a couple of seconds had passed when this object accelerated behind us. It didn’t go directly over us but took a sweeping path around us. It flew in a “frisbee” motion.
Maybe 7-10 seconds had passed. My friend and I looked at each other and said “we have just seen a UFO”. Right after we had said that it sounded like all of the wildlife that was around us went crazy and were running from something. Birds were very loud,crickets were loud and it sounded like a bunch of deer or maybe entities? were running right towards us. This frightened us greatly. So we jumped in my car and drove off very fast. About 15 minutes later curiosity got the best of us so we went back. We got out of the car and looked all around the sky. I happened to look down where our beer bottles were and they were gone! I looked for water lines to see if the river rose and were washed away. I could find absolutely no logical explanation for that. I knew who or whatever it was took them. Perhaps for DNA through saliva? I’ve no idea but this has messed with me since it has happened. I’ve even dreamed about it.
This is by far the strangest experience I’ve ever had. I’m really looking for any type of answers I can find. If you’ve any questions feel free to contact me.

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