UFO Sighting in Mesa, Arizona on March 10th 2015 – Large ball of fire passed by my house, turned south, turned into sparks and disappeared.

I can see University Dr and the 202 on ramp from my backyard. Last night, my daughter and a friend and I were in the backyard visiting, when I noticed a large orange ball of light approaching from the west, fairly low in the sky, headed east. I pointed it out to my friend and daughter. As it came closer, I had the distinct impression that it was a plane, and the engines were on fire, because it appeared to be plane-shaped, and the fire appeared to be in the area where the wings join the body of the plane. It made no noise like a plane does and appeared to be flying above the Superstition Freeway/US 60, about 2.25 miles south of our house. My daughter and friend thought it was a plane too because they remarked about it in the same manner. I tried to take a picture of it with my iPhone 5s when it was close to us, but when I focused on the object, nothing appeared in the square. ( When I took my camera down, I could still see it quite well.) The ball of fire made a turn to the south as if it were headed for Williams-Gateway, but instead of going due south, it moved more to the southeast. As we watched, the flames started going out, then saw a shower of sparks and couldn’t see it any more after that. I called my husband (he wasn’t home at the time) and asked him to get on the ham radio and see what the radio traffic was saying about it. He reported back later that he never heard anything. I called Falcon Field this morning and asked about a plane in distress and was told nothing of that nature had been reported. I called Williams-Gateway Admin and they also said they had no reports of a plane in distress or a crash. I’m really concerned about this, it was a “horribly beautiful” sight in some ways and very scary to watch because I thought it was a plane on fire. I’m relieved it wasn’t a plane on fire, but if it wasn’t, WHAT was it?

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