UFO Sighting in Newburg, Missouri on March 9th 2015 – Bright star-like light that rotated and bobbed up and down in SW sky

On the evening of 3/9/2015 around 8pm my wife and I observed a strange light in the SW sky from our kitchen window. We went to our front porch and looked out the window. I saw a very bright star-like light in the sky. It was about 20 degrees above the horizon. It appeared to be spinning or rotating. The light would brighten and then get dim…brightened again…then dimmed again. It was bobbing up and down…and side to side. I had saw this before in 2014. It started out as a bright speck of light that would appear high in the sky and very far away. I thought it was the planet Venus, but it would get lower and closer to the horizon after about an hour. Missouri MUFON has investigated this case before. I suspect this sighting was the same object, or the same type of object. I didn’t feel any physical effects because I had saw this before. I was not scared, just interested in the object as to what it could be. I did not get a chance to photograph or record this sighting.

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