Bulletproof method to spot anomalies.

This will describe a method that is almost like a mathematical proof for showing clearly the existency and observing the “structure” of anomalies, this is a bulletproof procedure that will satisfy almost everybody: ufo believers, debunkers, science types.

It is based in the documented fact that many objects in the atmosphere are not visible to the naked eye in daylight, similar to the stars, the reason for that is the sky scattering of visible light, but many of these objects can be spotted using a camcorder with nightshot and a 850nm or 950nm infrared pass filter, the same will be using a modified security camera, YT user colourufo have plenty of footage showing how effective this simple setup is for detecting many objects not visible to the naked eye.

Now using that setup in daylight in a clear day, scan the sky looking for “suspicious” objects showing a certain glowing pulsation.

Then to each one of these objects that are not visible to the naked eye but visible through the IR camera send light signals to them using a mirror, a 12×12 mirror will be enough, but bigger mirror will send more light, this may take a while, several sessions maybe, but sooner or latter one of these objects will flare in such a way that they will become visible to the naked eye as Venus in daylight, at that point you will know that this is not a mundane object, no mundane object will “respond” in that way.

This is the same reaction observed at night if a laser pointer or powerfull flashlight is used.

So at this point we know that this is not a mundane object, even without seeing any structure in this object, the non mundane/anomalous nature of that object is independent of its structure or configuration, let me repeat that: independently of the object appereance/structure/configuration the object is an anomaly.

Once we observe that reaction from these objects we know that anomalies are real, we do not need to wait for anybody to say that to us, or read that in any book, they are real even if a Novel Prize scientist may say otherwise.

Now the only remainding part is to observe the structure of these anomalies for that a scope with high optical magnification can be placed aligned with the IR camera, you will be surprised with the structures, forms configurations that these anomalies will reveal, but that is reality and we can not do anything about that but accept it.

Some configurations showed for these anomalies can be seen in my YT channel and have been posted at here for more than a year now.


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