UFO Sighting in Kalmar, Kalmar län on March 13th 2015 – I was driving. I got cold inside my body, goosbumps, frightened. Saw three lights in my raremirror that was aiming at me. I looked away and they were gone. Had the feeling for 20-30 mins.

1. I was driving my car.
2. I got a very strange feeling. Cold inside my body, goodbumps and then I saw three lights or orbs in my raremirror.
3. Thought it was a car, but didnt see any car around.
4. The three orbs or lights were just “shooting” light at me. There were stationary hoovering.
5. I got a very uncomfortable feeling, i was cold inside my body. Goosbumps and my mind was filled with fear. I drove faster, didnt see anything a like.
6. When I checked the raremirror I as the lights. I look at the road ahead of me for one second and when i looked in the mirror again, they were gone.

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