The use of the word "craft" to describe objects without structure.

The use of the word “craft” is a clear indication of the preconceived idea that “ufo belivers” have about the “only” meaning of an unidentified object, the reality of anomalies shed a new light to many things, for one it destroy the “classical” ufology perception or expectation, that historical ufology is dead, but some people that are detached from reality still are thinking in the old ways. There is a whole cultural/educational conditioning that perpetuates that expectation, you see it when people use the word “craft” to describe blinking lights at night without actually seeing any structure, just a blinking light, or when the “universal” logo for anything related to ufology is the “classical” disc shape.

When anomalies are observed systematically, the observer will be very much aware that they behave like living beings, there is no craft, no fleet, but these “crafts” and/or fleet are what the “standard” ufo believer is expecting, it is what he wants to see, when something is presented to them that is a little beyond that expectation they are unable to see it, when they see an object not visible to the naked eye but visible in IR they do not think in a natural reason they assume that the object is “cloaking”, they got trapped in their own expectations, that is why they never thought of the simple or critical step of placing a telescope aligned with the IR camera, since the object was cloaked nothing will be seen through the telescpe, that was their thinking and with that they lost the oportunity to really see what is behind the points, there are some YT channels out there where that is documented.

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