UFO Sighting in Rathdrum, Idaho on March 7th 2015 – A sunlike glowing object a bit irregular in shape on the edges moving west to east. Repeted twice.

I was driving in Twin Lakes Village near Rathdrum Idaho and saw this orange object in the south night sky approximately at 45 degrees. The object was moving slowly from west to east and when it got to the far east it sped up and disappeared. I went into my house at Twin Lakes and came out approximately 10 minutes later and the object was back again and repeated the same thing. I stayed to see if it would come back for another 15 minutes but it did not return. The color and appearance was sun like and did not resemble a light from a plane or other night flying device that I have ever seen. It was not star like in color, but was of bright yellow and orange with irregular edges with the appearance of being on fire. I took several pictures with my iphone of which two were visible, one is very faint as it was in the southeast as it was about to disappear and the other is very bright and represents the object well. The night was dark and the quality because of the distance the object was from me is not real good. I have not explanation for what the object was. I was very curious but not alarmed or fearful at the sighting.

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