UFO Sighting in Troy, Montana on March 12th 2015 – started as round glowing ball with object inside moving East to North

My wife and I set outside every chance we can to watch meteors and there was a lot of activity last night we saw over 6 or so. My wife then looked over to her left and at the tree top of one of our trees was a glowing like perfectly round object.At first it was very bright it was about the size of our outside table. It had a star like object inside of it that moved along with it. As it moved slowly in a very horizontal line to the North it grew in size and there were no clouds at all in the area, it just appeared out of nowhere! As it was moving it grew larger in size slowly and on the very outside edge there was another star like object that went into the center of the other star object. Our dog Kate who also sits outside at night with us took off under our trailer so what ever it was it scared her. My wife went into the house to get our sons to show them what we were seeing and they also were mind blown by what we saw. This is not the first time we have seen something out of the ordinary But it is the first time we had seen something of this nature. It finally disappeared to where we could not see it anymore. From here on out we are going to try to film anything we see like this, unfortunately all our cameras are out of date so we could not get it on film. This is truly something not of this planet! I can draw you a sketch and send it via email if your interested in looking at it, Just contact us back and we would be more than happy to do so. Thanks

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