Why does no one ask *why* UFOs shuttle back and forth or do "Ws" at breakneck speed?

Hello, all. I registered for this forum some time previously and forgot I had done so, so I’m virtually a newbie here (and, I have always had problems with forums/fora, in that I don’t really understand the protocols for getting answers or responses to questions/issues – I rarely get response emails, and wonder “must I return to a specific discussion and hunt for any response? And, if so, I guess I must remember *that* I posted, and *where* and *when* I posted, etc. – confusing).

Anyway, I have a question that has been nagging me, and have a potential “answer” to my little issue. People often make the observation that a give UFO swings back and forth erratically (or even seemingly systematically), at ridiculously high speeds (or does so in a “W” pattern in the sky), but I’ve never seen anyone ask *why* they may be doing so, or offer a proposed answer why.

Well, (1) I’m asking the question “why,” and (2) I have an idea why they *may* be doing this, as follows (and I’m not being facetious – I’m going to use what may seem like a facile “answer” only because it may convey an understanding at another level, which may help to explain myself): Maybe they and we are, relative to one another, “unstuck” in each other’s spacetime, and they’re actually just jockeying for different positions of perspective, and at what is for them a slow and leisurely pace, but we perceive it as a radically fast and seemingly “erratic” movement. If you can imagine the idea for a moment, consider that people often reposition themselves at a slow and leisurely pace in order to achieve a different point of perspective. If this were sped up to a ridiculously high speed, it would seem erratic and pointless, but if perceived at a slow pace (and at the same seeming pace at which they are moving according to their own spacetime perspective), it wouldn’t seem like herky-jerky repositioning at all. And if they’re accomplishing their movements by means that manipulate spacetime (which may be necessary in order to traverse incomprehensible distances), they may be in one “spacetime frame” and we, being in another, perceive them as moving “herky-jerky.” Does anyone give this hypothesis any credence at all? I’m curious, and would welcome any opinions, including those that point out how stupid my hypothesis is (after all, it is only a mere hypothesis, and isn’t based on an exhaustive examination of the pertinent science). Thanks for your attention! JoeShiner

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