Generating a Chronology- Is it Important?

Hello All,

Back about two years ago I was confronted with quite a dilemma. I was working on a Black Triangle UFO database and still am on occasion. In doing so I was trying to accomplish what would amount to a chronology. Not the kind that looks like a chronology but really isn’t one but a real honest to goodness chronology. I know a lot of you know what I’m talking about and why it’s absolutely necessary. It’s all about tracking the Black Triangles in order to discern any flight patterns. Only a solid valid chronology will do the job.

Try it sometime on a given UFO type like say the orange orbs. If you check them out and read the reports then all it will take is a knowledge for generating a spreadsheet and then simply enter the data from the reports into various descriptive columns beginning each entry row with the date and time of the event. And that’s just the way I went about it too. I entered hundreds of reports. But then I took a break and looked closely at what I had compiled. There was something not quite right with the data. Oh the dates and times were there of course; copied and entered directly into the database as I read each report but……….there was something seriously amiss. At first I didn’t know what it was.

Then it hit me- there was something wrong with the time. Or should I say the clock, or the chronology. It wasn’t there. And try as I might I couldn’t place the nature of the problem. Yeah, there was something wrong with the “clock” but it really wasn’t jumping out what the clock was telling me. The reports’ times gave an unbelievable randomness to the sightings that simply didn’t make any sense. Then suddenly one day the light came on. What I had been overlooking was that each report’s event time was given for the time zone in which the event occurred! If a field investigator did a follow up on a witness and the witness said they saw a UFO at 4:00PM then that’s what the investigator wrote down and submitted on the report- 4:00PM. Think about that for a minute. This is something everyone should know. It’s especially important to someone new to the subject of UFO’s who wishes to track UFO movement.

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