Gravity vs. Antigravity

Hello All,

This thread is for bringing in information regarding the relationship between gravity and antigravity. I think we all have our notions of what these terms imply but what might be the real result of their interaction with each other. I know when someone mentions antigravity it’s supposed to mean some kind of force that resists, or repels a gravitational in the sense that we say that that’s what UFO’s utilize when hovering. But what is it really? Is it really antigravity or is that simply a term we use to describe the supposed flight characteristics of what we call UFO’s.

Is there a more accurate definition of “how” these crafts are thought to fly and maneuver? If so what do you think it is. Is it really just normal gravity turned around against itself? Is the term antigravity being used incorrectly for this kind of phenomenon? What are the theoretical properties of antigravity. Is it the same or similar in concept to the matter/antimatter idea? Same relationship but different force?

I’d be curious to see what anyone thinks about this. IMHO the use of antigravity as the mechanism for UFO flight might be flawed and so I have a hunch the discussion might get us closer to understanding what witnesses report and what might be really at the root of it. And hey, a little science here would be more than welcome LOL. Be forewarned though I will point out where there appears either too much conjecture or where an unsupported explanation gets stated as if it were fact.

There will be wiggle room of course but it’s going to be a pretty narrow one so be prepared 😉 So. Is antigravity the correct term to use for an UFO’s seeming ability to levitate? Or not?

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