UFO Sighting in Hoquiam, Washington on May 31st 2006 – unexplained object appears in photo discovered upon development of film.

While preparing to attend my daughters first communion we stopped in our driveway to take commemorative photos. Nothing seemed unusual at the time. After the photos were taken I went to start the car and it would not start. I checked my watch to see what time it was and it had stopped. Seemed just like a coincidence. We left in a different car and the rest of the day seemed normal also aside from feeling queasy . When we returned home the car started right up and my watch started working about 1 hour after it had stopped.

A couple of days later we had the film developed only to find this strange translucent oddly shaped anomaly present in both the picture and negative directly above my daughters head. Being a professional photographer it was unlike anything I had ever seen. I did considerable investigation and follow up initially including contacting the film manufacturer and consultation with several professionals only to find more questions than answers.

I have had the film analysed and the results found were not consistent with what would be expected given any of the possible suspected causes of the anomaly. The physical proof is not rationally explainable.

In short every professional spoken with and my own education regarding this gives the same conclusion. It makes no sense and should not be possible.

Later that day I felt ill (nauseous) for quite some time and I had a hard time concentrating. After seeing the photo I no longer believe the problem with the car and my watch was just a coincidence. Also from that point forward my daughter developed exceptional artistic skills and is now in one of the finest Art programs in the nation.

There is much I can explain about why this is unusual and the proof regarding that but it is best done in conversation rather than writing as it is quite complicated.

I have the original pictures and negatives from this incident but do not wish to send them via the web. I would be glad to provide them for inspection and/or analysis. I have attached a drawing of what the object looks like. This has troubled me for years and I would like to get as much info about this as I now possibly can. Please help.

My wife believes this is a matter of faith, but I am more sceptical. We initially contacted her local Priest who put us in touch with the Cardinal. The Cardinal after seeing the picture and requesting a copy, later requested that the original picture and negatives be submitted to the Vatican for further analysis. When asked if we would get them returned he said that was not possible so we kept them.

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