UFO Sighting in Sacramento, California on November 27th 2014 – Thanksgiving we (my fiance and I ) viewed five or more flashing big round lights

My fiance and I just got home from our Thanksgiving gathering in Lincoln, Ca. I went into our master bedrm. put the cat window perch up in window . The window faces out to the front yard/street. It is a high window. I am 5’7″and the bottom of window comes to my chin.I put my cat up on tall dresser (just under the window) he then can jump from dresser to window. About ten or so minutes passed, I had changed into my pjs, no lights (except a night light) were on in the bedroom. I walked up to stand next to my cat and look out. Thats when I saw five or more very big glowing,flashing balls of redish/orangish lights. They seemed to be in a line formation. up and down, spaced the same amount between each other. I yelled to my fiance to hurry up you have to come see this. He was in our family room.He came and he too could not believe what wee were looking at. We both wanted to get our cameras or phones but knew if we did they might be gone. Within a minute a couple dissappeared. Then three made a triangle shape for about a minute or two. I ran out the front door to the driveway and a minute later they all were gone. I posted it on my Facebook with hopeing someone else saw the same thing. But nothing.Please I would really like to know if there were any other reports of this on Thanksgiving night in Sacramento, Ca. ??

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