UFO Sighting in Sparks, Nevada on March 14th 2015 – Black circular object seemed to kind of change shape to diamond while hovering slowly

My wife was outside having a cigarette and looked up because it was kind of hard to miss then she called me outside to look and see what I think it might be then I saw it move slowly and kinda picked up a lil speed, it was black and round and seemed to kind of change from circle to diamond and looked to me as if was rotating, is it flew over I took some photos and a video and then watched it from the back yard but then soon disappeared and lost sight.. But this wasn’t our first sighting.. A few weeks back we saw 3 glowing lights out in the distance, thot it might be a plane but like an hour later they were still there and they pulsated a white light then would dim out and disappear then re appear again..

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