UFO Sighting in Stockton, California on March 13th 2015 – Bright blue flourescent glowing sphere that flew erratically at low level in a NE direction then disappeared.

I had stepped outside into the back yard at around 9:45PM when I noticed a bright blue flourescent colored sphere in the North sky and was flying erratically in a North Easterly direction. The object was flying relatively low but there was no sound of a propulsion source. I noticed the object make several short changes in flight path which made for an erratic pattern of flight. I called to my wife who was in the back room of our house to come see this beautiful looking blue light in the sky. In the time that my wife took to step out of the house which was approximately 45-50 seconds the light had traveled a considerable distance. She was able to make out the light seconds before it disappeared. The objects bright blue almost flourescent color was what initially caught my eye and was different than anything I have ever seen before. The bright color of the sphere plus the fact that it made no noise was also very strange. The sphere’s flight pattern was erratic and made several changes in flight path as it traveled, unlike an airplane or helicopter? I felt that what I was witnessing was something unlike any known aircraft that I have ever seen before. I am a veteran of the US Army with 9 years active duty and nothing in my experiences have I ever seen anything like what my wife and I witnessed that night on March 13, 2015. The sphere continued flying in a North Easterly direction and continued making changes in flight path until it disappeared from sight. I had left my phone in the house otherwise I might had been able to capture the sighting in a video! The total amount of time that the sphere was seen in the sky was about three to three and a half minutes.

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