UFO Detection

Hello All,

I’ve been pretty active lately on the Forum…probably a little too active so after this thread, if I don’t come up with anything Earth shaking, I’ll be moving on.

This thread will be to discuss possible ways to actually detect a UFO in the neighborhood. Let me start off by asking what you think would be the telltale sign of an UFO in the area- other than actually seeing one LOL. I ask because I’ve never seen one even though there are supposedly hundreds if not thousands of sightings every year. I look up several times a day, every day, and realize that if they’re around I need to perhaps either be lucky or else I need to increase my efforts at monitoring the skies. But I can’t look up 24 hours a day every day so what could I do to increase my odds for a sighting?

I’ve already looked at this for a while and have done some research into it with what I think is a way to better my chances. But before I get into it I’d like to know what your thoughts on the matter are. Would any of you like to be able to have the ability to keep track of the sky above you more often, if not all the time, for the possibility of seeing an UFO- some of you, like me, for the first time ever?

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