UFO Sighting in Beckley, West Virginia on November 3rd 2014 – It came from a low northerly direction. Moved basically toward me then turned southwest and disappeared.

I was traveling back from a business trip in Georgia. It was around 8PM on November 3, 2014. I was going in a northerly direction on I-77 nearing Beckley, WV when I observed a bright round white light off to the north – northwest. It was larger and much brighter than a star.

When I first saw it it might have been a mile or two away. It was below the horizon and moving at what seemed to be a fairly slow speed (guessing 60 mph). As it moved in my general direction, I could only see the bright light. Then, when it was maybe 500 – 600 yards away, it abruptly changed directions and moved toward the south in a direction that approximately paralleled I-77.

Something very strange happened when it changed directions, I could no longer see the huge bright light on the front. I don’t know if it was turned off or it was just not visible anymore from my position. I could, however, see other lights further back from where I knew that light was mounted. I am only guessing about size because I can’t say exactly how far it was and how high it was, but I am a hunter and fair at judging distance. That being said, here are some guesses at distance and size and what else I saw. The night was so dark to me I couldn’t see any part of the thing except lights.

The craft (I don’t know what else to call it) was probably about 300 to 500 feet off the ground. I have no idea of how big the light was on the front, but it might have been 15 to 20 feet in diameter. About what I’d guess to be 50 – 100 feet behind where that light was there was a small green flashing light. Then about the same distance behind that was an elongated red light in a vertical position. There was also another red light just to the left of the larger one that was shaped exactly like the other red one, but it was smaller. Maybe half the size of the other one or a little less. I got the idea that this light was on the far side of the craft. If so, this would have made it pretty wide in that area.

I have no idea of noise since I was driving. When it turned to the south, it was a little north of me. As it passed me, I was trying to keep my car on the highway and watch it at the same time. I only saw the side lights for a 10 to 15 seconds then it was behind me and I lost it.

There were other cars on the four lane and I’m sure others saw it as well.

I’ve never seen a ghost or a Bigfoot, but now I have a hard time going outside without watching the sky and wondering what I saw. I nearly didn’t file this because I didn’t want people thinking I’m crazy.

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