UFO Sighting in Coventry, on November 4th 2009 – Two bright lights which were ellipses initially but became circles

I was standing outside work having just finished a shift. A storm had just passed over and a beautiful rainbow was showing. I was taking photos of the rainbow and didn’t actually notice the lights in the frame.

I took a series of photos to catch as much of the rainbow as I could but after transferring to a memory chip I put them away and forgot about them.

I was sorting through old memory chips a few days ago when I found these photos. The first one showed a couple of ellipses with what appeared to be a solid centre. This was at 15.24 GMT. The next photo showed two large balls of light low to the ground and apparently in front of the lamp post. The time of the photo was also 15.24 so the lights had moved very quickly.

I think it may have been reflection off something because there were a handful of cars in the carpark, but none moving to the best of my recollection. The angle of each photo is slightly different but not by as much as the difference in position of the two sets of lights. Also the first ones were very small and seemed distant, the second ones larger and closer.

I would love to know what created this phenomenon or if I have caught something awesome on camera.

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