UFO Sighting in Basile, Louisiana on September 2nd 2014 – sitting ouside about 11pm dog started barking, 30seconds later,saw lighted orbe moving pretty quick then slowed for a second then zoomed of .it wasn't a falling star because it was very cloudy that night

I was sitting outside for about 5 minutes when my dog began barking.i looked around to see what I could but there was nothing there.about 5 minutes later I just happened to be looking up in the s.w sky when my eye caught the site of a bright white light in the sky.it was moving much faster than a plane but much slower than a falling star.it seemed to be moving straight across the sky in a horizontal direction,it slowed almost to a stop then picked up speed and left the area as fast as it came in.the whole event only lasted about 3 to 5 seconds.after it was gone my mind couldn’t keep up with what I had just witnessed,I began replaying it over and over in my mind.i was thinking,was it a plane,no way to fast.was it a meteorite,no its way to cloudy out here to see that. I then hurried inside and told my wife that I think I just saw a UFO outside.she wasn’t surprised because we have seen much stranger things than that before.

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