UFO Sighting in New Denver, British Columbia on March 11th 2015 – Was so bright it grabbed my attention, hovered alongside mountain, light pulsated

I was dropping off my girlfriend and her daughter when I noticed a very bright light about three quarters of the way up the mountain to the west of us.Having lived in the area for more than 25 years,noticing something out of place like this was obvious.At first I noticed it and pointed it out to my passengers who thought it was a star,or planet,but because of its position along side the mountain and not in the sky above,we had to think again.While we sat in the car and watched it,it hovered in one place and the bright white light pulsated and undulated.I was excited to witness this event as my girlfriend and daughter were always somewhat skeptical to the whole idea of u.f.o.s. I have personally witnessed many appearances of strange lights and crafts in our area over the years and am always exited to see them. I then dropped off my passengers and quickly drove home (3 blocks away) to get my son to come and see the object as well,but by the time we got back, there was nothing but darkness up the entire mountain range. This happened within less than 5 minutes.

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