UFO Sighting in Readsboro, Vermont on January 1st 1979 – Many events on hilltop in Vermont


I hesitate to get into detail about this because I just don’t think my family really wants the attention. But I think its important info so for what it’s worth:

I grew up with my brother, mom and dad on a hilltop in Readsboro Vermont (used to be called Billygoat hill).

There were numerous UFO events that my mom, brother, neighbours spoke of…they are:

1- My mothers tells us of waking up one night in the middle of the night. The bedroom had three walls with windows out on the property around the house…the house was at least a mile from other houses. She says she woke up and the room was full of blue light coming in through all windows on three sides of the room. She looked around & thought ‘that’s strange’…tried to wake my father who for some reason wouldn’t wake up…and then she simply went back to sleep. She never spoke about it to anyone really except for us and she doesn’t want to look into it/ get hypnotised as she doesn’t want to stir anything up that may be there.

2- One day my mom went to visit elderly neighbours that lived a mile or so away. They were country types…I think farmers…in their 70s or 80s. Randomly they told her a story about ‘something strange happened last night…we woke up and there was a light…we went outside to see and there was a big lit up disc above the house…stragest thing’ etc and then they said they just went back inside and went to bed. My mom remembers being pretty wowed by this and by the fact that they were so matter of fact about it and about not knowing what it was.

3 – One day my brother remembers seeing something fly by our bay window and my mom coraborates that he started yelling and went running outside to chase it. He was about 10 at the time. He says he remembers it being mettalic and small…like frisbee sized and that it flew in front of the window and then flew off.

4- My mom and brother one day witnessed a ‘cloud’ above the house move at right angles and zip around.

Again, our house was 200 acres in the middle of no place. My mom said something about the locals in Readsboro calling it UFO mountain at the time….so anyway may be worth it for you guys to look into this town and see if these things continue.

I was a little kid at the time like 3 – 6 years old or something. I don’t recall having anything happen to me personally. Again, please don’t post any of this …especially my name ….just want you to know about this town in Vermont and that back when we were there in the 70s / early 80s. seems lots of weird stuff was going on.

Also please not phone numbers given are random / invented…I really don’t want to be contacted by phone.

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