UFO Sighting in Washington, Indiana on March 15th 2015 – Multiple groups of lights and single lights coming from different directions over A three hour time span.

On the night of march 15 2015 at about 10:30 PM est. my son, who lives in
town called me and said that him and his girl friend were watching these
UFO’S or flying lights above their home. They were very excited and said
they had been watching them for quit a while, not sure exactly how long,
but at least a few minutes. My son was describing the first one that got
his attention as the mother ship. He described it as three white lights
that were in triangle formation at shoulder width apart if your hands were
held at arms length. He said that he thought it was a solid black object
between the light. After that he and his girl friend saw more groups of lights moving across the sky. They had been watching them for around 15 to 20 minutes by this time,( I’m writing this the morning after the event and
haven’t talked with him since last night), So the time maybe a little off.
They had been laying in their backyard on their trampoline looking at the sky, as it was one of the first nice day’s since the bad winter weather, and began to notice the lights. They said i should come over and check it out. I grabbed my binoculars and video camera and headed over.
They live in town about 2 to 3 miles away. When I got there they came out to met me and were still very excited. I didn’t believe they would still be
there,( the lights) when i got there. They began telling me more about it as they
pointed to the sky. I was looking up also, as they told me, hoping to catch A glimpse of something but not really expecting it, when three lights in triangle formation when zipping almost over head. They were going south to north at a high rate of speed. I would estimate their size as the size of an around your thumb at arms length. this is a guess as I think back on it today as i didn’t stick my thumb up in the air when it happened. Anyway I thought, well at least I got to see one. Little did I know of what was to come.
Well, they began asking me what it was, Right off the bat I knew I couldn’t explain it, and by this time this event had been going on for At least half an hour. The sighting lasted for over 2 more hours with between 30 to 50 groups of lights,at least, traveling in all directions, mainly north, some making swerving high speed turns. Some lights stayed in fixed positions to each other some did not. Some lights were rectangle some round, and one looked like 3 brightly lite seagull wings that moved closer and farther apart from each other as they speed across the sky. This group I observed with my binoculars and was the most impressive to me. some of the lights that made up the formations were clearly seen as rectangular lite white lights that stayed in fixed formation as they sped at high speeds across the sky. The smaller groups moved faster than the large ones. The mother ship my son saw moved the slowest. They event seemed to peek in intensity after about an hour or so and began to taper down only to surge back up again A little later. As we lay watching this on the trampoline it just seemed surreal to me. It was like watching A fireworks display. It began to overwhelm me in being able to keep track of what i was seeing. It was unbelievable yet there it was, like A space highway in the sky. The sky had A thin cloud cover with clear spots here and there. Some were seen through the light clouds, some very clear in the openings. I have been interested in the subject since i was A young boy, I’m now in my sixty’s, and that’s probably why they called me. I’ve always been interested in astronomy and have owned more telescope than I can remember and logged many, many, many hours sky watching and never experienced anything like this. I have no idea what it is. Nothing i know of can fit the bill. There were four of us who witnessed this, their daughter came out after about an hour or so to watch. I would think that others would have had to witness this. After two hours or so it was getting late and my son had to work that day and the UFO flap was winding down and we decided to hang it up. after i returned home i went outside to see if i could see anything, but nothing. I did try to use my video camera but it would only pickup dark sky. I’m not really a camera guy and you may be able to set it to record at night but i have never used it that way. I do believe that these lights were working together and had a common purpose, all appearing in the same wave and mostly going in the same direction. They seemed to move alike and made up of the same kind of lights. Anyway i thought this sighting was significant enough to report. Hopefully more witnesses will come foreward and report this and possibly add more details.

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