The 3 Future Visions of George Washington “The Angelic Messenger From The Future”

This video report addresses the 3rd Vision given to George Washington, during the harsh Winter of 1777 and 1778 while at Valley Forge, where he was supposedly shown 3 future visions for America, from an Angelic messenger or Time Traveler from the future.

Only because this story has some strong symbolism and hidden play with cryptic words, did I elect to observe the Angel story, and in doing so, I observed the name, UNION, that showed me the code of 3-21, and which suggest to me that forces of light and good are in opposition to the evil acts of the NWO.

The code contained in the name, UNION is not ritual code and as such, cannot be treated or processes as such. Only by observing the code, was I able to see that UNION and the messenger that delivered that vision to Washington, was either a messenger or angel from God, or they were time travelers from the future, using infantile methods to communicate the future to someone in the past, so that the future could be steered to where we are today.

Because of current world tensions involving Russia, this angelic vision takes on much more meaning, for those willing to study the vision story and then look around to see what state of condition our world is in, as it prepares for a global conflict among the nations..

This finding to me strongly supports my long standing theory that forces of good have been acting along the way, during times that have appeared in direct opposition to the actions or plans of the NWO.

Please note the date of 03-21-2015 as a date when something good might happen.


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