UFO Sighting in Lily Lake, Illinois on March 15th 2015 – morphing white biplane,crop duster, then small jet

I was a passenger in a vehicle driving home along route 47 at about 2 pm on a clear day when I noticed what I thought was a white remote control airplane coming from a farm field in the distance from the left. I pointed it out to the driver and said, “Look at that remote control plane”. That’s when he said, “No that is too big to be a model plane.”
I thought it was a remote control plane by the way it was flying. By that time it was making a pass from the left field to the road we were on, but still ahead of us. This is also when I came to the realization that the plane was indeed too big to be a model, too high up and too fast. Then the biplane hovered over the road and turned into what looked like a crop duster. I said to the driver, “Did you see that?!?” and he “said yea it looks like a crop duster”. At this point Im thinking this is impossible, but I just confirmed what I saw. The road had no cars on it ahead of us at the time so the driver could watch this plane or whatever it was with me. Im thinking the whole time take out your camera phone. Tell him to pull over, but all we bot could do was watch. Next the plane took off over the farm field to the right of us made a slight turn and did the second impossible thing. It disappeared. Not in a flash of light, or went supersonic, it was just there and then not. Before either of us could verbally react it reappeared as a small jet facing the way it was trying to turn. The way it was flying made me make a joke, “Hey that plane now reminds me of my jet in GTAV”, a video game I play. It was flying back over the road, made an impossibly tight turn over the left field back over to the road again. It was not going particularly fast, that’s why we had such a good view, it was also completely silent. Yes we had the windows open, and the radio off. Then it made a sharp turn in the right side field. At his point Im thinking there is no plane I have seen, in real life or on TV that can maneuver better than my video game jet. I commented on this and the driver agreed. He was in disbelief too that a plane could move like that. The last thing it did was fly back over across the road to the left field and hover as a helicopter would. No it did not morph into a hover craft to land. It stayed looking the same white jet that it had last morphed into. At that point on the road we were aside it. It was about 1/4 mile away The last position I saw it in was hovering about 50 feet from the ground. There was no dust, or debris being kicked up whatsoever. Then a small tree line was in the way as we passed. I looked back for the plane, but nothing was there.
Being in the moment we discussed it a bit. As I said its disbelief and I was trying to find every logical answer as to what it could be. We actually did not talk about it for a whole day just to see if we came up with the same story a day later. We did. This is when I decided to report my sighting. I was not alone. It was in bright daylight. We both saw the aircraft. I still can not explain what I saw.

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