UFO Sighting in London, on March 10th 2015 – was coming home late at night when i noticed a strange light hovering above apartments across the road from where i live, i followed it and it somehow turned into about 5 of the same thing i just saw

i was on the way home from dropping my girlfriend home late at night at about 23:45 and all quiet, no cars outside no people nothing. i was about to cross the road to go home to my flat when first i looked up in the sky in this same direction i always look in, for 2 reasons, i love the Orion constellation and where i am i get too see it quite often so i am always looking for it, the second reason is because i have had 2 previous sightings in this same area just as weird as this one. so i noticed the strange light because it was not moving, it looked pure red with a reddish glow and was round and about 6 ft wide and 6 ft tall. i stayed still looking at it to see if it was just a star not moving or the movement of the clouds eluding me. then about 20 seconds after the stare off it suddenly started moving at about 10 miles per hour and i was standing still trying to make out if it was a plane or one of these UFOS i have seen in the past. it was not high up at all maybe about 150 ft.and this circle ball of light moved across the road next to the building i live in, so i decided to follow it and get as close as possible and forgetting to mention the whole experience there was no sound emitted. so i was walking to try and get underneath it while it was still stationary and as i was walking i got on the phone to my girlfriend and i got under some trees and could faintly see it and when i got out from underneath the tree i looked up and i see approximately 5 of the same balls of light in a complete small circle i stood and looked up in shock and after about 3 seconds they literally just vanished from the sky as if they had a switch to turn the lights off. i waited around 10 minuets but the sky remained clear.

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