UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on March 4th 2015 – Single glowing Orbe West Los Angeles heading East slowly changing shape, altitude, direction, splits into two. military helicopters appear.

Wednesday March 4th. Clear blues skies, windy, blowing north, West Hollywood sitting on balcony working. I see helicopters, commercial, private planes, blimps, all the time. 4:00pm two large green military helicopters fly almost directly above me from the East heading West. Unusual to see those… 4:10pm looking south, at first i thought it was a commercial plane with the suns reflection beaming off it, as it was pretty much in the same path as i usually see plans, I watched it move slowly east. It shape shifted into a ball, still emitting a bright light, then stopped, floated up, so now i’m thinking aluminum balloons reflecting the sun?, then it went flat, cigar shape and started spinning, then into a ball, then split into two. one floated up, one floated down, then east again. the one floating up stopped, then traveled east. I lost sight when my view was blocked by my building. I took about 15 pics with my phone. not the best camera and i couldn’t see anything when i looked back and zoomed in. I have sent the pics forward to a mufon investigator. A little time after seeing the Orb, and I can’t remember how long, another military helicopter flew over in the same route and the previous two. I took a pic… 5:08pm another Orb turned up. Same position as the first. I only saw this one for about 10 seconds before it vanished… 4th military helicopter this time in a different direction… it came from the same location as the previous helicopters, but this time heading South West in the direction from where the Orbs appeared at first sight… i took a pic.
During these times i had seen other helicopters and planes, the normal activity, and also the commercial planes that travel the path almost the same as the Orbs, and i noted the planes were dark, NOT reflecting any light.
It was also hard to really tell altitude, size, and speed.

SIDE NOTE… a friend in Del Mar, CA… she and her mom have told me they always see Orbs over the water, and have had contact.

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