Dashcam captures strange large blue-white flash light over night sky in Russia

A dash cam caught a seemingly unexplained and large blue-white flash light up the horizon in Stavropol.

Those who are not so quick to believe in the existence of UFOs are reported to have said it could have been a rehearsal for the upcoming March 20 solar eclipse, while others are purported to believe that it was more likely caused by a white light signal rocket or flares.

Furthermore, RT reported: “According to the Hydrometeorological Center of the city, the phenomenon “can’t be attributed to nature”– rather, it could be anthropogenic. The source of the light is thought to have been located somewhere on the ground.”

Poster comments: DEFCON forums are buzzing with activity over a major surge in US military radio chatter yesterday.

DEFCON level was raised to 3 due to the “disturbing” nature of the radio chatter. Some of the chatter referred to at least one explosion, as well as an active engagement with hostile forces, and also mentioned the Canadian Air Force was involved.

It remains unconfirmed whether the chatter was because of a drill or actual combat, but none of the radio codes and call signs normally used during drills were heard whatsoever in the chatter.

Veterans of the site (some former military and otherwise just people who have been monitoring military radio frequencies for years) have stated that the level of military communications they heard yesterday was unprecedented in their experience, even for major drills.

Also a Russian citizen has been posting images of auroras in southern Russia. We are in the midst of a geomagnetic storm but locals were reporting they’d never seen auroras in their area. A different Russian person reported military aircraft flying over their area in significant numbers.

I wonder if what we see in this video is at all related. All in all, something significant seems to be going on in that area.


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