UFO Sighting in Belfry, Kentucky on March 17th 2015 – 3-17-15 turkey creek, KY. walking my dog whom was oblivious around 3-4 am. looked toward the mountain, there's a tree between mine and the neighbors house. I walked back in, got binoculars and my small digital can. proceeded to take pics.

3-17-15 Belfry, KY (turkey creek KY). I was walking my dog at 3-4 am, I looked at the sky above the mountains behind my house and noticed something strange. I walked back in got binoculars and a small digital cam. At first I only saw several white lights either grouped together or as a whole object. I took about 7-8 pics and to my amazement some of the last pics were different colored orbes. 2- one blueish and the other greenish, a white orbe was coming towards but there were at least 5-6 smaller orbes the camera didn’t pick up. After about 20-30 mins I looked outside again and to my shock and awe it was moving very slowly still, almost hovering above my front yard. It was and had remained very high up in the sky. NO streetlights, cars, just me and my Lil doggie. On the orbes pic you can see the tree branches kind of outlined underneath the orbes. The last pic was taken from my front porch and its the neon green light that is oblong in shape. Every pic, even the first pics of the white lighted object, you can see the changes in shape. I couldn’t believe i had pics like this! I’ve seen plenty of weird things in the sky but this is by far the most amazing!! Since I was a Lil girl I’ve always looked up skyward and will always do this. Maybe one day I’ll catch even better pics than this or video. It was very exciting. After I took the very last pic from the front porch I came in and messaged everyone I knew. I lost sight of it due to the fact that if there were some kind of being, it might have known I was watching it. So it was best to leave it alone, especially after the awesome pics I had already taken.

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