UFO Sighting in Belfry, Kentucky on March 17th 2015 – walking dog at 3-4am, noticed something strange, got the binoculars and digital cam.The orbes were some of the last pics, no street lights, no sound. I hope you see all the pics cause its just showing 3 different colored lights, there were at least 5-6.

3-17-15 3-4 am, Turkey Creek KY. I noticed something unusual above the mountain behind my house. I even did a little test to see if it was moving using the very big tree between mine and the neighbors house. I first used the binoculars and saw a weird shaped all white lights object. When I decided to take pics, my camera isn’t the greatest but it definitely got the pics I wanted and needed. NO street lights, NO sound, it seemed to hover. You can see the tree branches in the pics with the orbes. I actually was shocked when I saw the orbes cause you couldn’t with the naked eye. After about 20-30 mins I looked outside to see if the UFO was still there, and it was just now it was very high in the sky above my front yard. That’s the last pic I took, with the neon green oblong shaped craft. I’ve seen things in the sky my whole life but nothing like this. Ever since I was a little girl I always look up, can’t help it. Always have and always will. It was just me and my Chihuahua (poopie), no cars, nothing. I thought wow I’ve seen things but this tops them all. Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to get more photos a bit closer. The thing was far away the whole time but I sure saw it. It was an awesome experience and I know we’re not alone in this vast universe. I’m not talking about microorganisms, I’m talking bout lifeforms similar to human beings!

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