UFO Sighting in Loscoe, on June 1st 2001 – I was hearing voices in my head and they were tormenting me saying they are aliens then i rose from my bed and looked out of the window and there was a disc shaped craft about the size of the neighbors bungalow hanging in midair about a metre above house

I was being tormented by voices in my head that were claiming to be the friendly grey aliens when i turned and saw an image of an eye that seemed to be projected into my head or something then i got up and looked out of the window and was met with an amazing sight…there was a disc shaped craft hanging about a metre above my neighbors bungalow and about the same size as the building with lights spinning around the perimetre blue green and orange I have never come forward until now because I get regularly visited by aliens and it seemed to be better to keep quiet however the visits seem to have abated now so maybe it is time to come forward… The aliens have taken sperm samples from me whilst I am awake and I have seen an alien by my bed using some device that buzzes like a dentists drill… it scared me so i opened my eyes and tried to kick the alien in the head he moved back in time to avoid my blow but i noticed he had a kind of tattoo on his face a black line that was over his eye and down the side of his face it zig zaged… there was a time previous to this that I was visited by about 4 or five aliens and they kind of milled around in my living room and they came up to me and kissed me and i cuddled them but somehow i reacted badly and attacked one of the aliens pushing my fingersb into his eye sockets and after this the visits stopped until I tried to get them to return and appologised profusely. once i was taken to a ship and put on a table and one of the aliens extracted some of my facses and he squeezed it through his fingers whilst he looked a little puzzled I know this is because of my old addiction to heroin because it makes your poo hard when yu use the drug opium… mostly the aliens just hug and pet you like maybe you would with a dog as they want to make friends with us i think.. I think the purpose of the genetic experiments is to make humans that can lay eggs because live birth is strange on their planet…. I have met and had sex with women who have an enlarged vagina so they can lay eggs and I have also seen their experiments with dogs that have hands and kind of crawl about

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