Black Triangle Sighting in Grand Rapids, Michigan on August 15th 2012 – Triangular craft with three bright white lights at front and tails. Appeared out of nowhere.

I was at my home, sitting out on my back deck which faces East. It was a very warm evening, somewhat hazy, partly cloudy. I’m looking towards the East, up in the sky, when this triangular craft abruptly appears out of nowhere, flying East, approximately 40 degrees above the horizon. It literally was not there one second and there the next. It continued flying East. I will be the first to admit that that is the direction of our main airport here. But the other strange thing that I want to convey is that the object…how shall I put this…well, it didn’t seem real. It shimmied in the sky…as though it was a projection. Much like a projection on a screen would appear if someone nudged the projector. It honestly felt more like a projection to me rather than a real object. Lending to that was the fact that, as I said, the object instantly appeared out of nowhere. It was triangular, almost boomerang shaped. Eventually it went behind the trees toward the horizon and I lost sight of it.

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