Case Studies of Human Mutilations and Missing Persons.

I sat and thought about the shear number of people that go missing on a daily basis on this planet. Most are found alive some dead and but some are never found. The statistics seem to be swept under the carpet but I was told that about 5 percent of missing persons are never found. This represents about 30,000 people across the globe. What happens to these people? Are they dead and their bodies disposed of never to be found? Do they go into a parallel universe by accident or are they abducted by UFO’s?

What is known is that human mutilations do happen as a matter of fact. The media never report these incidences. They are very similar to cattle mutilations and the forensic analysis never finds a rational explanation.

The case of Sargent J. P. Lovette. Allegedly witnessed to have be taken on board a UFO in 1956 a few years before the Dyatlov Pass incident in the Ural mountains of Russia (1959). Both case s surround extremely bizarre circumstances and cannot be explained. The systematic mutiltions are very similar to cattle and other animal mutilations. One side of the jaw is stripped off flesh, the tongue is cut out at the root, eye or eyes removed, anal coring, sex organs removed etc. These mutilations may occur with any combination of these and other surgical procedures with all of the blood drained whilst the victim is still alive but no struggle is evident and vital reactions in autopsy are found as odema and or dilated blood vessels on the brain.

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