UFO Sighting in East Syracuse, New York on May 10th 2014 – 6 of us watched a silent large bright object hover over us 2mins the shot to space!

On May 10th, 2014 My girlfriend, her daugter and I invited a few friends over for a bonfire. About 10:45 that night we all saw something pretty incredible. My girlfriends daughter noticed it first and got everyone’s attention. My buddy and his girlfriend saw it next. When my girlfriend and I spotted it I started to record it on my iPhone. We saw a craft with no clear edges or sides and it seemed to emanate ever changing light from its entirety thereby obscuring it’s surface. It appeared to be 20-50 foot in length although its exact distance from me was not easy to judge so I couldn’t say to any certainty its size or shape. It appeared to be in our neighborhood and hovering over the rooftops and a height of no more than a few hundred feet. I would say it was about 200-400 feet away from where we were all standing in our back yard. It would hover then move slowly then quickly, alternating between the three. When I say quickly I mean instantaneously. I would estimate that from the time we first saw it until it became stationary it traveled a couple thousand feet. this all took about 30 seconds. It then sat there for about 15 seconds at which point it started pulsing, let out a very soft but weird kind of electrical whine and then flew almost directly away from us towards the southern horizon at extremely high speed, then abruptly made an almost right angle turn to a course of almost straight up and at an unbelievably high rate of speed……all while staying directly in the center of our field of view. During this whole time the object didn’t make a sound. Not even the sound of air rushing over it as it whipped by us!!! It did let out a strange electrical noise, like it was charging up to take off and that’s exactly what it did. 6 of us watched it and I have the whole thing on video. That’s another oddity, what we saw with out eyes appeared maybe 30 foot across but it hardly showed up on the video, like it what cloaking itself or messing with the camera. I can’t say what it is that I saw with any certainty but, I believe that it was NOT a plane, helicopter, rocket, jet, ballon, lantern or anything like weather phenomenon. It seemed to move intelligently and as weird as this sounds, it seemed biological in the nature of its movements and lighting.

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