UFO Sighting in Saint Leonards, New South Wales on March 20th 2015 – observed a stationairy rectangular object hovering above the water. object had a vertical arm with a strong red light on the end. the arm moved and followed my movement. as i came into it's view, the arm turned and focused on me.

Me and my friend were camping on the beach. At about 2 AM, i left the tent to go to the toilet. As i walked out onto the beach I noticed a boat sized rectangular object (not curved like a boat, more like a rectangular block) hovering about 2 feet above the water. The water was rough that night but the object did not rock with the water and the water under it appeared to be completely still. The object had an appendage about 5 feet tall with a strong red light similar to a traffic light in size but brighter. As i spotted the object, the appendage immediately turned to my direction and the light focused on me. I felt very nervous as if it was watching me. It was definitely not a boat because I had lived in a coastal town for most life and this was not like any boat i had seen before as it hovered above the water, had an arm protruding from it and made no noise at all. At this time of night you usually will only see a fisherman every now and then. Feeling scared, I went back into the tent, every time i checked it was still there for about 1 hour. I was awoken 2 or 3 hours later by 2 speed boats searching the area with torches. The object was very close to the shore, about 15 meters away.

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