UFO Sighting in Saint Louis, Missouri on March 15th 2015 – I saw four red lights in a square pattern blinking randomly. They moved as one North at about 1200 feet. As the lights turned East I saw a single green light blink along with the red ones.

My wife was closing the windows for the evening on Sunday evening 3/15 and saw a strange set of red lights moving North to South at about 1200 feet. She called my attention to it and when I looked, the lights were now moving North. We studied the blinking lights as they moved together. They seemed to be larger than the marker lights on planes and helicopters that we normally see. I saw four red lights in a square pattern that blinked independently. My wife saw 2 red lights blinking seemingly randomly. We thought we could make out a dark mass attached to the lights that made us think it was a helicoptor from the local hospital. The night was quiet and we thought we could make out an engine sound but it was very faint and could have been from something else. We watched these lights move North then arc to the East and out of view. As the object banked, we were then able to see a single steady green light on the craft. About five minutes later I saw the same craft follow the same Northerly path. At the time I dismissed it as special lighting on the emergency hospital helicopters. Then I read about other sightings that night. I am located near the Kingshighway and Arsenal intersection and would have been facing West.

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