Black Triangle Sighting in Westminster, California on March 3rd 2015 – red an blue an white an black triangles some with two white with black spots around it some with three red in a row

i was standing on my daughters porch looking at this star blinking red an blue an green so i took a few pics so when i came in house i zoomed them up an i couldnt believe my eyes there was hundreds of ufos flying from the bright light there was red blue an white triangles some with two lights with six black spots around it an some with two white light. there were three lights in a row some red an white i would like to sell an for thirty grand ill show u where the lets say mother ships is so who ever can enjoy i also have a ufo i caught by accident when i was working on a squid boat in catalina it wasnt there when i took pic i just happen to catch it going by i was taking a pic of our skiff with sea gull on it with catalina in back ground and there it was my friend couldnt believe i got it hes been on water working a light boat for twenty years he sees it all the time he calls it a beam ship he said it breaks up in five ships then sits in sky looking like stars that one pic u can see the ufo perfect u can even see the antennas on it that pic was taken on june 26 2013 at 5:30 pm i know the gov. would love to get to know where the mother ship is it would show all non belivers there real ufos iv been staring at that mother ship for two weeks now i dont know why it took so long to take a picture of it but tonight im gonna take more pics. thanks for hearing me out gotta get busy to find a buyer of this awesome ship

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