Proof of Afterlife? – Mothers Ghost Helps Daughter Survive Car Wreck (Video)

Police who rescued a toddler after she miraculously survived being trapped in a submerged car for 14 hours claim they heard a desperate plea from a woman inside.

Rescuers plunge into a frigid Utah river and struggle to open the doors of a car that is partially submerged, in hopes of pulling survivors from the wreckage of the vehicle.

Police officers and firefighters said an adult voice led them to believe someone was alive in that car. “I remember hearing a voice that didn’t sound like a child just say, ‘Help me,'” one of the rescuers, Officer Jared Warner, told NBC affiliate KSL. “To me, it was plain as day.”

Lily Groesbeck, 18 months old, was found alive in the car, but her mother did not survive the crash. Police have said they believe the child’s mother died on impact.

Life after Death.

There is scientific evidence to suggest that life can continue after death. The spirit realm or afterlife is a realm of thought or mind.

When the person passes away, the body is left behind, but everything the person was still exists exactly as it was the moment before passing. What is left is all the things that are in the realm of thought: knowledge, love, emotions, personality, thoughts, feelings, imagination, and so on.

The person, now entirely the thoughts or mind with no body, then continues the eternal process of maturing spiritually begun on Earth. However, there is no time in the afterlife, so the process can take forever.

The spirit actually takes on the personality he or she had when alive and he or she does have the vocabulary and habits of speaking that have carried over into spirit however the voice that comes is not produced by the person’s body but comes from some place other than the physical surroundings.

Is it possible that the police officers and firefighters have heard the voice of the mother’s spirit?


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