UFO Sighting in Basar, Telangana on April 30th 1990 – all ball of light coming into are camp

I was in a foward battalion during desert storm. I was on guard duty at the time, sitting inside of a hemit truck. While playing my gameboy I noticed a light in the distance coming towards me. At first , I thought it was a humvee with one its headlights out. It was late in the evening so I was wondering if they might need some fuel. There was a large burm surrounding the camp. High enough to stop a tank from crossing, and the only opening was was where I was posting guard. The light as it got closer came over the top of the burm and thats when I turned on the high beams to idetify was was coming. Thats when I noticed there was nothing on the side top or bottom of the lights. There was nothing there but a glowing light the color of highway lights, a dull orange.
The light came closer towards me (about 20 feet away) hooverd off the ground about 3 feet in the air made a left turn , then just dissapperd. I am still in shock of what I saw the day. I will never forget, but I have no idea what it was or where it came from. But all I know is that its was not from this world. Thank you for your time, I really needed to get this off my chest.

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