UFO Sighting in Oakville, Ontario on March 18th 2015 – Three red-orange orbs in a triangular formation, two went dark but still visible, flew silently over my head

I was getting out of my car in my driveway in northeast Oakville, Ontario around 10:50pm on March 19, 2015. I opened my door and the three objects were shining extremely brightly over the rooftops to my left. At first I thought they were fireworks, but they didn’t fall or explode and kept becoming brighter. They moved in a triangular formation straight up at first, then across the sky toward me. They made no sound whatsoever and as I watched, the two lights furthest from me flashed and went out but I could still see the first light moving towards me. It was red-orange in colour and very bright. It looked like a ball of fire. As the first one went directly over top of me, I saw one of the two that had gone dark. It was a dull gray and I could barely see it, except that it blocked the stars and reflected the light from the streetlamps slightly. It passed directly over my head as well and it looked like the bottom of a plate from directly underneath it. It was hard to tell how big they really were because I couldn’t tell how high they were when they were directly overhead. I did not see the third one pass over. They moved slowly and silently over top of me and then towards the end of my street and over the gorge. My first thought when I saw them was that I should hide, but then I just felt mesmerized and excited, then slightly afraid when they were gone. I lost sight of them when they passed below the tree line.

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