UFO Sighting in Victoria, Texas on March 20th 2015 – At first my husband and I thought it was a plane but the light blinking pattern was different. Then it flew east, went NE, then higher into the air, then switched and came down then went towards the north. I personally believe it was a UFO because I have

My husband and I were on our porch when we noticed and object flying towards the east and it had a green light with 2 red lights that would blink. My husband commented about how that’s not a plane with those lights. It continues to fly east when it suddenly switched directions to the NE. There the object flew higher in the sky then stopped and flew more NE before descending into the tree lines and making a sharp left to fly north. I was only able to catch the descending before it hit the tree line on video on my phone. I am a believer so it made me feel like I knew it was a UFO. I have seen what I believe was a UFO years ago and the strange sudden movements were the same. My husband and I were both pretty shocked seeing this.

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