Alien Encounter in Rockhampton, Queensland on March 22nd 2015 – using tv as my sensor cams have taken pics of this thing have pics of it bg thing creepy thing

ok this thing i got on sensor cam was this time and while ago, just didnt have much proof at time. i checked all dvds for same face on tv and nothing exists on my dvds . this time now this morning i woke up quickly and saw a face same one on my dvd i had fell sleep now morning. each time i had experienced alien activity was when this tv of mine went weird and i was attacked bad very bad cuts in mouth form inside liek they wanted to cut off my mouth and keep it.
i hear things now them not humans only them ..talking bout how they want the power i think female hormones
now this technology is in my tv would u MUFON ppl like to come get it and observe for month or 2 , will sell later date do not want it in my home i dont like it no mroe the pain i go thru the things it does and looks like
makes me sick
please come get this alien technology

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