UFO Sighting in Meriden, Connecticut on February 14th 2014 – My daughter was taking pictures of the snow from the winter storm when she saw the ufo and took a picture before it flew off very fast

I was at home snow blowing when I got text from my daughter of a ufo takin from our porch,a few seconds later she came around screaming about the ufo and the picture she got before it flew off so fast that she could not stop talking bout it. I had her write down in her own words about what happened and what she saw for you. ……………..It was February 14,2014. It was a some what cloudy day and I was home with my dad and just snowed so I go with my phone to take a picture and after a few photos I look up and see something in the sky and I was wondering what the heck is that . I look at it for about 5 to 10 seconds and it takes off as fast as the speed of light. It was like a boomerang shape,it was very fast and was a grey color. I was stunned of what I saw. I know my dad believes in ufo’s and I was skeptic about them and after I saw it I thought he wasn’t that crazy,I couldn’t believe it. After that I looked back at the pictures I had took and see that I have gotten a picture of it. And so I send it to my dad and go running to him and told him what I had seen.

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