UFO Sighting in Parker, Colorado on March 9th 2015 – Thought we saw a UFO dismissed after found out it was galaxy – while reviewing video, we did see a ufo

Disclosure: I am a member of MUFON, and have gone to several comufon meetings in the past as I was thinking about being a field investigator.
1. I was first by my garage (approximately midnight on March 8th/9th) (detached we are out in the country) when I thought I saw a UFO so I ran inside to grab my camera to see if I was accurate and to get evidence. It was an orb glowing red/green/blue. I used a telescopic lens on a DSLR (canon Rebel) to zoom in, exhale and hold my breath – what I saw was incredible…or so I thought. It looked incredible due to lens abberations that were occuring as I would later realize once we realized what the main object was. I ran inside to grab my wife “screaming a UFO honey a UFO come quick.” I took the DSLR, the video camera, and our other camera that does both video and photo – to make sure we could both be capturing images. We went on the upstairs deck to see and record the object. We both got multiple photos of what we thought was a UFO, as well as two videos. The object at the time was one thumb width up from the edge of the garage when I held my hand as far out from me as I could while my back was against the house with my back centered in the middle of the kitchen window. I later calculated that to approximately be 20-23 degrees above the horizon. We are at approximately 6300ft altitude. The garage at the point I measured from (with my thumb) is around 20 feet off the ground. My thumb is 15/16th (2.25cm) of an inch width. The deck floor is approximtely 17 feet off the ground. I am 5 foot 7 inches tall, with my eyes 3 1/2 inches (estimate) from where a doctor would measure me. My arm can extend 26″ and 1/4″ (63cm)to where I measured on my thumb. My wife was the one who recorded the video and she was approximately (this is off memory from 12 days later) 5-6 feet infront of me and slightly off to the left. What we originally saw/photographed/recorded turned out to be a galaxy (M5 class if I remember correctly) after looking it up later that night. So I didn’t think about it all too much until 3 hours ago… This is where it gets interesting. I had yet to put all the images and video on the computer. On March 17th my wife gave birth to our first child. Today is March 21st and I went to put all the images to our computer (approximately 3PM MST) so I could put them on the cloud and easily share them with family on our fire tv (amazon cloud) when they come over to see the baby….. I watched the videos of the object after going through the newborn photos…..what I saw at 1:04 through 1:15 of the video shocked me…and is still rocking me. The white/silver orb comes into the upper right of the frame traveling at a constant speed in a linear line. It then stops for roughly 1.5 seconds. Continues on that linear line at the same constant speed, and stops again for approximately 1 second….it them moves in the same linear line at the same constant speed and comes to a final stop. It then shoots off this time a much higher rate of speed (but constant) back towards where it came from except at a different angle (I caculate about a 10 degree difference in the frame of the video which is relatively stable). You can hear me in the video ask what the smaller object is saying “it’s smaller, do you see that smaller light, it’s gone.” I guess I didn’t pay it much mind at the time, and especially after we went inside to investigate what we had seen. The main object in all of the photos and the video. We didn’t even bother looking at the photos or video at all that night after looking up that it was likely a galaxy (Denver astronomical society web site, as well as other sites discussing seeing those type of colors flashing). Today I am in shock. Please pay close attention to the video on full screen on a screen with high pixel density from 1:03 (top right of frame) until 1:16 (middle of frame). You can see why we were mainly interested in the object in the middle of the screen….you’ll understand why I am in disbelief right now when you look at the video file. Total we have around 20 still images, and 2 videos of the “main object/not a ufo.” In the second video from 1:03 – 1:16 in the video the UFO appears. I would heavily like an actual investigation which I will provide all original photos and video, as well as testimony by my wife and I. Attached I have included the second video (which contains the UFO sighting) and some photographs I have of what turn out to be a galaxy (originally perceived as UFO).

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