Black Triangle Sighting in Oxford, on March 6th 2015 – row of bright white lights slowly descending then rotated to reveal 3 lights in triangle descended to rooftop level & came back on itself

This is my second submission (see 9 Dec 2014) and again I was in my SW facing garden smoking a cigarette at 20:00. I was aware of a line of white lights in the distance (W) that did not appear to be moving very quickly. My first thought was that it was a helicopter, probably police. As I looked I became aware of a very small red light slightly below the white lights – this convinced me that the object was an aircraft of some kind. I carried on smoking and the lights did not appear to be moving very quickly but were travelling towards me whilst very slowly descending. This convinced me that I was observing a large airplane at low altitude coming directly towards me (I’ve seen similar at night near airports as well from large military transport planes in Oxford). As I watched there appeared to be 7 bright white lights in a row with a small red light just underneath the central white light. All the time these lights were descending slowly and moving slowly – I reasoned that this slow speed was a trick of perspective. I concentrated on the lights as I thought I was going to be overflown by a very large military transport plane (there is no reason for a commercial airliner to be so low over Oxford). I then realised that there was no sound coming from the lights. The lights kept getting lower but all of a sudden the row of white lights slowly and smoothly turned from being perfectly horizontal to vertical (clockwise direction). As this happened the white lights started to disappear from view as if the object was turning whilst rotating. The row of white lights were replaced by three white lights in an apparent triangular formation (is this called a delta formation?). The small red light had by now disappeared. The triangle by now was travelling in a NE direction and was perpendicular to the ground – not the sort of manoevure i associate with man-made craft. The whole time the object is getting lower and it disappeared behind the rooftops of the surrounding houses. I kept watching for a couple of minutes hoping that it would reappear. There is a small gap between the houses and I very briefly saw a red light travel in the opposite direction before it became obscured from view. The lights did not reappear. This object was extremely low over a densely populated area, would have crossed low over a busy main road (Cowley Road) and literally skimmed the rooftops of so many houses – others must have seen this. This is my third sighting of an unexplained object and by far the best. The sighting lasted 8 minutes.

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