UFO Sighting in Auburn, Michigan on April 30th 2012 – I have been watching the stars my whole life. I know how a meteor looks when it hits the atmosphere, this was not a meteor. I’m also somewhat educated on the advancements in technology, and what I saw in the sky was beyond mankinds capabilities.

This event has weighed heavy on my mind for three years now. I am the type of person where logic and reason can be applied to any situation. While I was standing in the front yard stargazing I saw what I thought was a meteor hitting the atmosphere. As I watched the object flash and begin to glow from heat I thought it looked odd for a meteor. I continued to watch as the object began to slow, and make seemingly calculated change of direction. As the object slowed and turned the glow from the heat of entry slowly faded away and it disappeared all together, although it did seem to have a metallic reflection. The way this object slowed and turned looked like something under precise control. To this day I have trouble understanding what it could have been. I know more about our atmosphere then the average person, and this was not a normal meteor breaking up on entry. The movements were very controlled as the object lost speed.

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