UFO Sighting in Miami, Florida on March 22nd 2015 – Multi-colored oblong object, glowing very brightly, hovering, then following a steady path to another hover point, where it descended.

In Kendall (Miami) FL on March 22nd 2015 I stepped outside at about 8:15PM EST to smoke a cigarette, and was sitting in a chair relaxing, when I saw the object.

It was hovering just West of MIA at first, then flew (floated, rather – no noise at all) from that point and passed in front of me at about 85�� above the horizon, at an elevation of maybe 2500 feet, lateral distance of about one mile. My neighbors were under their carport just next door and I heard them talking. I called for them to join me, and they did.

Together, we watched it fly noiselessly from North (left) to right (South) and slow to a stop about five miles downrange, hovering. Then it started descending. It got below the tree line and I couldn’t tell where it went from that point.

It looked like two thick fluorescent tubes adjoined horizontally, like two balloons that clowns twist up to make animal shapes. The top tube was a solid brilliant glowing electric blue, the bottom tube was a solid brilliant glowing electric green. On the top and bottom dead-center were two pulsating red lights. At first I thought it was some kind of huge promotional balloon like a blimp, but it didn’t have the right shape, it didn’t exhibit the same flight characteristics and the position lights were in the wrong places. I’ve never seen structural illumination like that, and it covered too much ground in too short a time. I’m a private pilot and I’m pretty familiar with most current general aviation technologies, and that was no blimp or any other craft that I’m aware of. It’s colors were so vivid it looked like a Yellow Submarine cartoon flying across the sky.

The sighting lasted for about one and a half to two minutes.

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