Very interesting UFO sighting…

OK, I was roaming around the MUFON website, saw this report, and found it interesting, the craft themselves are interesting, but Im more curious about the helicopters that followed this event…The last page, it shows a picture of the helicopters, I know its a Navy chopper, but trying to figure out what that little circle ‘logo’ thing is on the sliding door, I could not zoom in on it… I think this may be that particular ‘teams’ insignia or ‘patch’, Im assuming this is the team responsible for investigating UFO events, and I truly think this is the key to finding out what these crafts are…obviously the military/ Govt knows whats going on, so they must train these helicopter teams, tell them what to look for, etc. that knowledge has to come from somewhere…right?

Surely someone in the military has a friend or a friend of a friend that knows someone, etc that knows someone on one of these helicopter search teams???…renceville.pdf

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