UFO Sighting in Cashiers, North Carolina on March 9th 2015 – One Bright light changed to 3 red orbs

I was going to work driving my car as I usually do. I like to watch the sky looking for shooting stars. It was still dark that morning because it was our first Monday with Daylight savings time. I was driving on NC 301, 10 minutes close to Interstate 95. When I suddenly notice a bright white light above the treetops, at the beginning I thought it was a star, but as I was getting nearer, the white bright star began to move. It was maybe 500ft when its color changed, it turned red. I never pulled over my car, I continued driving and that one red light changed to three red lights, and they were making triangle shape. I clearly saw the lights and their shape because they were pretty close, they were moving in a straight line towards me and suddenly they changed direction and move to the right and they continue moving. I lost them because I continued driving and never stopped. I was so amazed by the lights that I forgot to take pictures.

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