UFO Sighting in Ceres, California on March 23rd 2015 – very large craft flying above high clouds at high speed. 5X the size of passenger jet at equal distances

I spotted a far off object in the sky that caught my eye. It was on the horizon line about two fingers up and flying west north west above the overcast puffy clouds. I live inder two different flight paths and this was a never before seen path from my location. A passenger jet at the same distance flying the same direction would have only covered a tenth of the space traveled by this object in the same amount of time in flight. It was definetly exciting to see this, mainlu because i have witnessed a large craft of the same size traveling over the sierra nevadas a few years back. Same size, speed, but last time the craft was accompanied by two other crafts that where about a fifth the size of the large one. This time the craft was alone. 🙁 well keep your eyes to the skies

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